I primarily offer online counselling, which offers more flexibility and allows me to charge cheaper rates. However, I also offer face to face counselling in London Bridge.

Online Counselling

For some people who have had face to face counselling in the past, online counselling can feel a little daunting. I myself was a little sceptical about online counselling when I first started but I've genuinely grown to really appreciate it and recognise some benefits that traditional face to face counselling just can't offer. Not only does online counselling mean that I am able to offer cheaper session rates, it also means I can offer shorter cancellation policies, better scheduling flexibility and shorter waiting times for sessions. Depending on the clients preference, I offer sessions via telephone, Facetime, Zoom or Jitsu meet. Online counselling is charged at £50 per 50 minute session (£45 student and NHS rate).

Many clients feel that they are able to open up more, as they tend to feel a lot more relaxed talking about difficult topics from the comfort and safety of their own homes and environments. It also means that clients find it easier to be on time and are more likely to consistently attend sessions, as they do not have to travel or organise and manage their daily schedules and responsibilities as meticulously. Some clients even manage to fit in lunch time sessions during their working day. 

I especially feel that dealing with very difficult issues such as trauma and abuse can feel much safer for some clients to talk through and process with online counselling. Often clients find it difficult to talk about and feel these emotions directly in the presence of someone else and so this distance can often be a huge help. Even though there is a literal physical distance between client and counsellor, online counselling still offers the energetic and emotional connection, which is integral to counselling and the therapeutic relationship.

Of course, it is necessary to say that online counselling isn't for everyone but it is something that I do encourage people to be open minded about. I have helped many clients with severe trauma and abuse via telephone and video counselling with many clients preferring the online medium. My main aim in counselling is to create a safe, supportive and healthy therapeutic relationship with my clients and this is certainly something which is achievable through online counselling. If you do have any queries about online counselling and how it works, then please feel free to get in touch!

Face to face Counselling

If you would prefer face to face counselling, this is offered in London Bridge at 89A Long Lane, just 5 minutes walk from London Bridge and Borough underground stations. Sessions are charged at £60 per 50 minute session (£55 student and NHS rate). 

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