Client Testimonials

"I am phenomenally grateful for my therapy with Jessica. She made me feel at ease and welcome very quickly. In the sessions, I found it invaluable her ability to let me talk until the perfect moment where she would either challenge me or highlight something I had said that was very important. By truly listening to what I was saying and having a deep curiosity about what I was going through, Jessica allowed me to come to some huge realisations about myself and I have left feeling happier, calmer and in more control of my life." - Reuben, 25yo.

"Jessica provided a safe and intelligent space in which I could explore uncomfortable places of the memory and present circumstances. I am grateful for her intuitive understanding that was not reductive, but rather allowed space for complexity and nuance. I've discovered little truths that have opened up my mind and heart. Thanks Jessica!" - Anon

"All I can say is I wish I'd met Jess sooner as I feel I wasted time with my previous counsellor, but helped show me what an amazing counsellor is. Jess' sessions have helped me enormously, Jess is extremely empathetic, understanding, warm and more importantly, non judgemental. She is very easy to talk and open up to. She helped me understand my issues and helped me confront them, not run away from them. Jess helped me with the tools to move forward with my life and to be able to deal with issues that I may face. I had many issues that needed to be dealt with and Jess was able to help me with trauma, suicide, abuse, bereavement and an eating disorder. I can honestly say I never believed in counselling before I met Jess, I believed I could resolve my issues myself but Jess truly changed that for me. She helped me in regards to mindfulness, I can't say that my issues have disappeared but I now have the tools to understand myself better and the capacity to handle situations in a healthier manner. Jess, thank you for being you." - Lia, 41yo. 

"I went to Jessica for five months as I had previously been experiencing high levels of anxiety and at times, depression. Over the course of my time with her, Jessica helped frame my thoughts which helped me get through the challenges I was facing day to day. Further discussions shed light on elements of my life that gave me joy and helped me nurture these; self love, openness with others and empathy. I feel lighter, stronger and generally extremely happy now. Whilst life inevitably throws up its old challenges, I am able to deal with them in a way that feels natural for me, without feeling overwhelmed. Going to Jessica is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Highly recommended!" - Tom, 31

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